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Mr. Asangye N. Bangu
Acting Managing Director
Welcome to the Warehouse Receipts Regulatory Board (WRRB)

Warehouse Receipts Regulatory Board is the Government Institution under the Ministry of Industry and Trade. This institution was established under the Warehouse Receipts Act No. 10 of year 2005 and Act No 3 of 2015 as amended and Regulations 2016. With its mission of regulating and promoting the Warehouse Receipts System that ensures a fair and sustainable accessibility to formal credit and commodity marketing systems, ......

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To be a leading organization in linking commodity producers to formal credit marketing using an effective way and efficient of warehouse receipts system


To regulate and promote the warehouse receipts system that ensures a fair and sustainable accessibility to formal credit and commodity marketing systems.

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WRRB would like to hear any commments, complains and suggestion you have about the warehouse receipts system.

Warehouse Receipt System (WRS)

The Warehouse Receipts System (WRS) denotes a kind of trade by which commodities are stored in a Licensed Warehouse(s), the owner of the commodity receives Warehouse Receipts which certifying the title of deposited commodities as of specific ownership, value, type, quantity and quality (grades)


  • This includes all formal publications that WRRB will issue regarding how commodities will be handled in the Warehouse Receipts System.

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Press Release

  • This inlcudes all official statements delivered to the public for the purpose of providing information, an official statement, or making an announcement.......

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  • This includes all information about the training offered by WRRB pertaining to warehouse personel such as warehouse operator training and any other training organized and counducted by WRRB.......

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